The September Mission is Heifer International. Heifer International is a different type of relief organization. It started by supplying young dairy cows to people whose lives had been disturbed by the Spanish Civil War in the 1940’s. The theory was that they would provide a way to earn a living permanently instead of giving out supplies for the present. Since then, it has expanded into much of South and Central America, Africa, Asia, parts of Europe, and even in parts of the United States.

The emphasis is on training in how to care for the animals. One requirement for every recipient is they pass on the gift. This means that the first offspring of the received animals are to be passed on to someone else in the neighborhood. Then this person must do the same. In a few years, this process can change neighborhoods and lives. Success stories include improved infant health, because of the milk or eggs added to their diets; children being able to go to school; and adults earning respect and pride where there had been little previously.